E N T A S I S  P R E S S
Slipping the Moorings
Stories by Susan McCallum-Smith
   "No one could blame you for pausing with a slight air of forgetful uncertainty after devouring three or
four stories in this fabulous collection, closing the book to glance again at the name of its author. Margot
Livesey? Maeve Binchy? Sorry, no, but you're in the right league, not by reputation but certainly by
measure of aesthetic luminosity, narrative acumen, and dazzling descriptive powers unmatched except by
the very best writers of this age or any other. Susan McCallum-Smith, a brilliant young writer making her
debut, soars across the transatlantic pond of contemporary literature like a frigate bird, an old master with
fresh wings, and Slipping The Moorings overwhelms with grace, elegance, gravity, humor, intelligence and
dare I say perfection. Susan McCallum-Smith. Congratulations, dear reader--you just discovered a new
and extraordinary talent."
   Bob Shacochis
National Book Award-winning author of Easy In The Islands and The Next New World

   "Susan McCallum- Smith enters the minds  and particularly the voices of her diverse characters with
much understanding, humour,  and sympathy. She renders moments of conflict and change with lively
language, and illuminates these moments with an admirable attention to detail and imagery."
   Sheila Kohler
author of Cracks

   "Sean O’Faolain said the short story must supply both punch and poetry, and Susan McCallum-Smith’s
debut story collection does that and much more.  Ranging from the edgy to the elegiac, these stories
feature characters living in contexts of emotional urgency within worlds richly, even munificently, observed."
   Margaret Meyers
author of Swimming in the Congo
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