Entasis Press welcomes queries from new and established authors.

Please follow these guidelines.

1.  We accept  queries  throughout the year.  Do not submit a manuscript until we ask you to.

2.  Send a query letter with your resume. Include a list of previous publications.

  •      Poets should include up to ten pages of poems from the manuscript.  

  •      Nonfiction authors should include brief overviews and chapter outlines.

  •      Fiction authors should include  brief synopses of novels or overviews of story  collections.

3.. Except in special circumstances, all queries and submissions must be sent by US mail or one of the private
delivery companies. Please do not attempt to send us anything by email unless we have asked you to.

4.  Each query or submission should be accompanied by a stamped self-addressed envelope. Please note that
we can return manuscripts only if the postage is sufficient.

5.  Allow four to eight weeks for a response.
6.  Please send all queries and submissions to:  

Entasis Press
    Suite 72
    1901 Wyoming Avenue NW
    Washington, D.C.  20009
E N T A S I S  P R E S S